“Becoming a multicultural teacher, therefore, means first becoming a multicultural person” (Nieto & Bode, 2012, p. 392). Throughout this course, we will discover ways to create multicultural learning environments that are responsive to the needs of children and their families.  The first step is to examine our own beliefs about multicultural education.  For this assignment, you will:

  • Describe your current beliefs about multicultural education (e.g. how you would define it).  Complete this step before reading the article and the other source you choose.
  • After reading the article “Multicultural education” and at least one other scholarly source of your choice, create your own multicultural education philosophy statement.
  • Discuss two to three specific ways to incorporate your philosophy into a multicultural classroom.
  • Discuss two to three obstacles you might encounter when creating a multicultural learning environment including ways to address these challenges.

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