Purpose of the Study

            As a brand manager in the snack chip company, the task is to develop a research project on the levels of advertising that impacts on snack chip products. The other duty is to use of Internet, website; digital magazines and Youtube.com has increased the success in many organizations globally. The purpose is not focusing on understanding the attitudes and beliefs regarding online advertising, but learn causes online ad to be more effective on consumers. Another purpose is to evaluate advertisements are promoting negative impact to customers. Then, the third duty to use good research design to make a decision on evaluate consumers’ views on online ads on the snack chips and recommendations of creating a research proposal in this case. Online advertising is the most popular form of advertisements marketers to promote their products and services over the past years.

            The research problem is to define causes of levels of advertising impacts on consumer behavior on the snack chip. For example, the research question would be, “Are the levels of advertising on snack chip leading to the negative impact on youths’ health and welfare?”  It is important to focus on the factors on levels of advertising causes this problem to consumers’ health and wellness.  Another example, the Snack Chip Company improve the banners on certain webpages and report the sales for a period, and then the company can increase sales. This situation result shows the banners are effective market strategies to use to promote the snack chips. Iacobucci and Churchill (2010) stated. “By developing a research project, it helps to stay organized in the research plan that offers information necessary to answer the decision maker’s problem” (p.38). Developing a research proposal will offer reasons, expected outcomes to achieve, use research design choices, limitations, delimitations and the solutions for levels of advertising in the snack chip advertisements in this case study. There are causes leads to adverse impacts on youths besides adults. One cause is the type of message presented in the levels of advertising. Another cause is not to make sure the message is clear. The third reason is when consumers consume too much; they can develop health problems, such as obesity and diabetes. The fourth cause is promoting in places that are not busy areas; pricing could be unfair and very expensive.

Research Design and Methodology

            Descriptive and qualitative research is a good research for the snack chip because researcher can formulate the problem in order to develop a theory. A good example is hair product advertisements increase the sales of products. Another good example is video ads increase the sales of products. J, M, J and Zufryden (1980) points out, “Explanatory research established experimental designs on effect (on sales) of the marketing mix in advertising and dealing and promotion” (p.327).  This research helps researchers collect data information, choose research methods and subjects, even if there is an unknown problem to the study. The third good example researchers to design a hypothesis on the levels of advertising potato chips leads to the negative impact on children, teens and adults’ health and wellness. As a brand manager, it is important to determine whether or not this research question is true or false. 

            This research proposal shows results on relationships online delivery methods of advertising including search engines, social media, banners and consumer behavior in this case. On the report, it will also include either a written or prototype for new or repositioned products or services or strategy on the snack chip. There is a chance the study explanatory research may not be present for the entire population. Another option is to conduct the questionnaire research design in order for a product that will target consumers in the market. The method is evaluates the sections that need improvement in the market. Therefore, we can choose causal research method to determine the cause and effect and one by one measure the effectiveness of online ads.


            There are limitations involving the levels of advertising in the snack chip. One limitation is having the quality time to complete this research project. Another limitation is having lack of numerical data information on advertising to resolve the research problem. The third limitation is making mistakes on the researches and solutions on levels of advertising on snack chip products. The fourth limitation is no responses on advertising relating to privacy and security issues. The fifth limitation is to gather information on consumer behavior. The sixth limitation is to discuss the boundaries on this case study of snack chip. Walvis (2003) states, “To promote a good advertisement on snack chips or other products, it takes more time to present findings in condensed and precise document than elaborate an advertisement” (p.407).


        In conclusion, this research proposal will offer causes, expected results to achieve, use research design choices, limitations, delimitations and solutions for levels of advertising in the snack chips. The expected outcomes are completing the project on time, develop effective strategies, extend on usage of level of advertising chips and promote successful advertising, increase consumers on buying chips and increase sales and business growth. Other recommendations include improving online advertising meet customers’ wants and needs.  It is important that all companies ensure successful ads increase awareness on products and services.





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