1.First, read 18 and 55. Your Discussion post will be a paraphrase of (you expressing the sonnet’s meaning, but in your own words) and response to (telling what the sonnet made you think about) a sonnet of your choice. Therefore, it will be nice to have examples of how other students have paraphrased a sonnet. Under Content, Week 4: Module 2, the 16th Century (Part 2) I have 2 student samples for you to read. These would be good to look at to see how other students have worked with a sonnet of their choice.2.Then read the following sonnets: 30, 50, 61, 71, 87, 97, 129, 130, 138, 147As you read, think about which sonnet/s you’re reacting to. Which ones are speaking to you personally? Decide which one or two you like the best and want to analyze. Incidentally, if you are poking around and find you really love a sonnet I haven’t chosen for the class to read, you may analyze that one instead.

( i choose 138)https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/50386/sonne…

1.To paraphrase the sonnet

2.To explain how/why you react to what the sonnet’s speaker is saying. What does it make you think about?




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