Policy Paper

There is one (1) policy report for this course where you will critically analyze and evaluate a crime control policy covered in the textbooks and make an evidence-based recommendation to Florida Governor R. Scott. The policy report is due by March 27th, at 11:59pm.

Students are expected to critically analyze and evaluate a crime control policy covered in the textbook. A typewritten 8-10 page paper is required.

The paper must:

  • be double-spaced
  • include 1.0 inch margins
  • use Times New Roman 12 point type

It should include:

  • a title page
  • an introduction
  • a body of paragraphs with subheadings
  • a conclusion
  • in-text citations
  • a reference page with 8 to 10 cited works

Of the total works cited, half should be from academic journals or books published by an academic press. Works cited and the references should be in APA format (details of the APA format can be found at http://www.docstyles.com).

The policy report will be graded according to a written communication rubric and critical thinking rubric, which can be found on the Blackboard course website.

Students who struggle with writing should visit the Center for Excellence in Writing on campus (GL 125, 305.348.6634).

Turnitin: Your paper will be submitted to Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service. You are required to submit your paper electronically using the Turnitin dropbox provided. Please refer to the Student Misconduct section of this syllabus for further information on plagiarism and cheating. Any paper returning with more than 50% similarity on Turnitin will receive a zero.

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