Individual Assignment Instructions:

Write up in 3-4, double-spaced, 12 font typed pages your report on the country you have selected from the start of the semester.

The report should address these sections: (1) an introduction of your country selected. Why you selected the country, what are your interests in the country? Have you ever traveled to the country, do you have hopes to someday relocate there. (2) Write a brief history on the country. (3) Mention how the major topics we have covered in class can be observed in this country. (4) What are the top industries/companies that can be found in the country? (5) Select one company of interest in the U.S. that may be located in the country, and mention a business strategy they used to enter the country of your choice. Lastly, (6) what are your suggestions/recommendations based on your analysis for any company looking to relocate into the country you have selected. Provide an example of a company you recommend will be profitable if introduced into the country you have selected.

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