Comment on two students post. You can ask them questions. Disagree! Agree! Anything — as long as you are thoughtful & engaging with what they’ve have said. (50-70 words each) Please keep it informal, short and simple.

Side note: I have also wrote some notes in perentasis stating how i feel about the posts. Please incorporate them nicely on your posts.

Student one:

The question “what am I passionate about” always seems to stump me because there isn’t a specific thing in life that comes straight to my mind. If I had to choose something, one thing I always find myself trying to do is helping and listening to others. When I am with my friends, I am always asking them questions like “what’s new?” or “how did that thing go you said you had to do?”. I like people to know I care about them in case they ever need someone to turn to.

This character trait of mine is how I decided what I wanted to do for my career. It took me the longest time to finally decide on a career path because again, there is not something specific I hold a true passion for. So, after going back and fourth looking into every option in every field, I narrowed it down to Speech Language Pathology, which is speech therapy. The reason I chose this path is because it is solely focused on helping people overcome a struggle everyday of the job. (I have tremendous amount of respect for student one, sounds like they really care about people) Also, I have a lot of patience which is needed to be able to do this job. It will be amazing to work with people of all ages and help them take control of something they may feel controls them.

Student two:

Throughout high school, I played golf and try to play any chance I can get. I also have a huge passion for cars that I learned from my grandpa over the years. I also have a girlfriend named Sam who I have been dating since freshman year of high school.

During the summer of 2018, I worked full time but was able to go on two vacations. In the middle of July, I went down to Destin, Florida for a week. I go to Destin with my best friend Dy and his family every year. Its a tradition to go down to Destin, so I look forward to it every year. The second vacation Sam and I went to New York. New York was fantastic, we saw as much as we could the four days we were there, and in those four days, we walked about 40 miles! (I go to NY every year other year because of family, not a fan of NY’s transportation system, hate buses and subways- i prefer driving my own car, love NY food and the night view in time square) Of course, after these vacations it was back to work, in May of this year I landed a job working for a car dealership called Wholesale Inc. I am a vehicle consultant for them and buy cars in and around Michigan for them. I love this job because I get to drive some pretty sweet vehicles and meet fascinating people. After work when I come home, I generally sit around on my phone until I fall asleep. I don’t watch TV or that many shows although I have watched all of the seasons of The Office and Friends.

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