You have been asked to lead a software development team to build a system fulfilling the Statement of Need specified in project 1. Your team is employed by a small company. The customer wants a project that balances reasonable development cost, timely delivery, software quality, and functionality.

 In this project, you will work to define, refine, and proof test case descriptions for the B&B system. Assume that the code for your B&B system has been developed based on the SDD whose requirements trace through the SRS to the SS. The next step is to develop a software test specification (STS) that describes the test cases that you will perform to verify correctness and validate compliance to customer requirements of your B&B system.

 You will select components from your SDD for the B&B system and design two of each; white and black box test cases.  

Completing this project will require that you produce a software test specification (STS) document for the system. The objective is to produce a “cookbook” for testers. A tester really only needs the STS, the test environment, the test tools, the test data, and of course, the software.

STS Templates

Please develop your STS using the IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation, standard 829-1998, posted in the eReserves section on the Class Menu. Section 6 in the IEEE Std 829-1998 is most relevant to this assignment, so focus on completing this section as thoroughly as you can. 

 The assignment

 Complete the template as best as you can. Make any reasonable assumptions based on your understanding of the problem that allow you to address as many sections of the STS template as possible. (Please read the “project descriptions” in the project description section of the syllabus for additional context and information on course projects).

 Pay special attention to the following. The bulk of your grade will be decided on how well you address these issues.

  •  Detailed Test Environment description – including test hardware, software, test tools, and data
  • White Box Test Cases (two): including; name of the component being tested, test inputs, special test tools, and expected outputs
  • Black Box Test Cases: Select (two) write a complete black box test case definitions, including; name of the test (e.g. boundary value analysis), name of the component being tested, test inputs, expected outputs, special test tools, and requirement(s) from the SRS being validated. 
  • Traceability matrixEach test case is used to assess compliance to a SRS/SS requirement (i.e., Black Box) or to assess correct computation, e.g., correct inventory level (i.e., White Box). Your Test Cases should trace to one or more SRS requirements. See Table 4.4 in module 4 for an example of a Traceability Matrix. (Please endeavor to validate the use cases/scenarios and requirements as you specified them in your SRS).

 Hints and suggestions

  1. For the STS, we shall be using only a subset of the IEEE template; specifically section 6 of the IEEE (Test Case Specification). Refer to Module 4 for information on software testing and examples of black-box and white-box test case definitions.  Remember: each test case is used to assess compliance to a SRS/SS requirement (i.e., Black Box) or to assess correct computation, e.g., correct reservation tracking (i.e., White Box). Here are the details required for each test case description: 
  • Test objective
  • unique test case identifier
  • input specification
  • output specification
  • special environment conditions
  • special procedural requirements
  • execution procedure steps
  • dependencies
  1. You are encouraged to select and use any of the use cases or requirements defined in your SRS.  Collaborate with your team and decide who has the best representation to use.  

 Make sure your work is neat and legible. Your charts, illustrations and diagrams can be done using any word processing, drawing, and/or software CASE drawing tool (or by hand) as long as it is neat and organized. Embed or scan any diagrams that you create in your STS document—do not upload them separately.

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