If you are not sure which method you want to use for your final paper project, then use the attached chapter on textual analysis from Dr. Dunn’s textbook to do this assignment. OR, you may use the steps from ONE chapter of the Foss book if you know the particular method you wish to use. Read the chapter and apply the steps for textual analysis to the artifact you chose for your final project. Write out what you do for each step.

You will actually write out the notes for each step. For any of the methods, the first step of involves writing A LOT of notes about your text. The subsequent steps and notes are based on that first set of notes. The more complete the first step, the easier the subsequent steps will be.

There is no page minimum or maximum for this assignment. It should be typed, but I expect it to be in notes form.

NOTE: The more time and effort you put into this assignment now, the easier your future checkpoint assignments and final paper will be.

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