1. Pick a recent story (June 2012 – date) relating to one of the following
topics on the European Union:
a. EU Environmental Policy (Renewable Energies, Global Warming)
The EU as a leader on environmental issues.
b. EU Agricultural Markets
c. Regional Policy (Structural Funds)
This may include an overview on how a specific EU region/member
country has benefited from the Structural Funds in terms of infrastructural
and other improvements.
d. New Entrants 2004/2007
Select a story on ONE of the Central and Eastern European Countries
which describes the economic efforts and gains from becoming a member of the
e. Canada and the EU
2. Discuss the news item. What does it mean to you? How does it affect the European
Union? What is its relation to the idea of the Single Market?
3. Newspaper sources may include the Globe and Mail, National Post, Wall Street
Journal or other (in English language). You may also pick a story from the Internet.
4. Format: Maximum length 4 pages of text (title page not included), mimimum
length 2.5 pages of text (title page not included), printed double-spaced .
Title page should have the topic of your paper, class number, and your
name and student number. Please staple original or xerox of your news
item/story from the newspaper or Internet to your paper.
Submit a paper copy of your Assignment. E-copies will not be accepted.

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