Assignment 2: Hiring Criteria for Expatriate Positions


You have been given resources to hire two additional staff members for your team. The HR department has asked you to make recommendations regarding those candidates, both of whom will be production managers.


Prepare a memo in a Microsoft Word document for human resources that outlines the qualifications and skills of the candidates, as well as the considerations you would like them to make regarding the cultural fit for your team. Both new team members will need to travel to China on a regular basis, so include research-based criteria for selecting candidates for expatriate assignments.


Additionally, propose a two-week-long training period for these candidates that will prepare them for the task of working with an international team and traveling to China. Include recruitment considerations, the adverse impact, global competition, and the use of technology in the recruitment and hiring process. The memo should be 2–5 pages long and should include scholarly evidence to support your ideas. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.


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