my product was iphones{cell phone}


Final Project Part 2: Developing the Storyboard

Now that you have researched a local product in your community and selected the most viable product, the next step is to develop a story board that provides a complete picture of the direction of your advertising campaign. This pictorial is not just about the commercial, it is about the components that make the campaign.

You will utilize to complete the storyboard which will consist of four parts listed below. The storyboard sections will be:

  1. Product Selection: Provide core detail on the product, what it is, why you use it, why is it important.
  2. Define Demographics: Age, sex, family, economics, etc. and why they are important.
  3. Global Marketing Position: Where would it sell and why did you select this area?
  4. Build the Script: Write your script and place it in this storyboard. Please review the following link to help you write your 60 second TV commercial script at

Hint: If you have not used PREZI before it is recommended you visit the site and take the tutorials for using it. If you

have used it before you might want to refresh your .

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