Discussion 1            assignments words 100 each


Write an informative memo to the owner of a business that is beginning to grow. Explain how owner’s equity can be determined.


Answerthe following questions:


•What role do accounting systems play in the modern enterprise? How has the development of complex IT systems affected accounting work?


Discuss the need to integrate accounting systems with those in the rest of the enterprise. Why would such systems need to have constant data feeds from throughout the enterprise?


Discussion  2  assignments words 100 each


What Is Accounting and Its Role in Business?


Discussion  3 assignments words 100 each


The Role of Accounting in Business




Discussion   4  assignments words 100 each


Describe the value of a new accounting system to Kudler Fine Foods. Your discussion must cover the following aspects of the proposed system:


•Key features  •Core technology •Benefits •Costs


Discussion  5 assignments words 100 each


Describe the most recent profit and loss statement for one of the following Virtual Organizations:








Describe the most important elements, noting their value and what it means for the company




Discussion 6


Find a current article about cost-benefit analysis and write a 1- to 2-page paper discussing its relevance to this week’s team assignment


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