I paid someone on tis site to do an assignment for me. Turns out, it was an assignment he did for another student. Now, I received this letter from my instructor. I have no idea how to respond as this was a first for me. Please help me with a response.


As you know, our University considers academic integrity to be essential for each student’s intellectual development and that each student agrees to respect and acknowledge the research and ideas of others and to abide by the rules relating to academic integrity.
Due to the 60% match in your Week 11 assignment, I evaluated your paper and have identified potential issues that relate to academic integrity.  In your Week 11 assignment, most all of the content in the cover page and the flyer seems to be a direct match with a student paper submitted to Laureate. The only difference is in the cover page, were a few sentences were not word for word matches, yet the content was similar and a few sentences were added. There are direct matches for the “Key Terms”, which were labeled ”Key Definitions”; the statistics table used, and the references used.  
I am concerned that there are some academic integrity issues with your submission of this assignment.
It is very important that you provide a detailed response to the information provided in this letter and a comprehensive explanation of the matters I have set forth. I refer you to the policies on academic integrity contained in the Student Conduct and Responsibilities section of the student handbook found online.

Please provide your response to me by email within one (1) business days of the date of this letter.Thanks in advance for your cooperation

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