(1)   A team has just completed a SWOT analysis of the company. Briefly state what this analysis should be used for in the context of strategy. 


(2)   Enron hid debt in secret accounts. Johnson and Johnson removed all Tylenol from shelves when the integrity of the product was questioned. What business concept discussed in this course does this relate to? 


(3)    The resources of an organization provide an underpinning to strategy. The top six beer brands are controlled by three companies despite these products being “regular” beer and “light” beer. What strategic issue(s) explain why these three companies control both types of products?


(4)   A company is contemplating a significant (5%) growth in its market share over the next three years. To accomplish this, the senior team has been debating whether to add one or new products for current markets or to offer current products to new markets. What strategic issues are involved in these two directions? Which course of action seems preferable? In answering, please cite one or more examples of companies that exhibit these approaches.


(5)   Suppose a strategic plan is in place and the company discovers that it has failed to achieve the sales and profit increase it was expecting. When the results are reported, senior executives begin to blame other departments. Several senior executives have said privately that it might be better to scrap the plan and start over so that the top team can come to agreement. What strategic issues are involved. Would you agree that the current plan should be scrapped? Please cite strategic concepts to defend your answer. 


(6)   Do you think it is better to concentrate on one source of competitive advantage (cost versus differentiation versus speed) or to nurture all three in a firm’s operation?




Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source citations to support your work. And at least a minimum of 300 words for each Answer. DUE ON FEB, 27 2013

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