Limit responses to less than one page each using 12 pt. Time News Roman font and 1 inch margins. (Please answer all parts of each question)  


1. In your view, what are some current of emerging trends that will beimportant to understand for a Recreation Specialist? WHY are these mostimportant?  HOW would you integrate them into Mecklenburg Park and Recreation?HOW do you stay informed of emerging trends?WHAT resources do you use to track the industry and trends?


 2. Describe an innovative program that will involve approximately (10) 55 and older adults.  Prepare a timeline of all the steps needed to implement your program from beginning to end.  Please include a budget for you program and creative funding sources thatcould supplement the program.  


3. 4. Please describe two innovative partnershipprogramming ideas that would reach and be implemented for the following target groups:  Teens (13-17) and older Adults (55+).

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